Zymol Titanium Complete Kit

Zymol Titanium Complete Kit
466.56 / 550.54

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This kit contains everything you need to give your car its ultimate shine, Contained in a sturdy plastic zymol carrying case. Ideal for the enthusiast. For High Mileage or Trackday cars.

  • Titanium Wax (226g)
  • Detail Wax (56g)
  • Clear Auto bathe (250ml)
  • HD-Cleanse (250ml)
  • Treat (Leather) Conditioner (250ml)
  • Vinyl Conditioner (250ml)
  • Wheel Cleaner (650ml)
  • Wheel Coat (237ml)
  • Detail Brush (Horse Hair) x 1
  • Wheel Brush (Horse Hair) x 1
  • Wax Applicator x 2
  • Pre Wax Applicator x 2
  • 100% Cotton Towel x 1
  • 1 x Microwipe